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Art & Design

The Art and Design department at Paulet High School aims to give each individual student the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The diverse nature of the subject not only allows students to be creative but also allows them to visually
express their ideas and emotions, be analytical, problem solve, work collaboratively and develop their understanding of the world around them.


In years 7 and 9 students study art for one hour a week. In year 8 students study for two hours.

Following the National Curriculum guidelines students are encouraged to take creative risks and to experiment with a wide range of media, processes and

 techniques as well as study a broad range of art, craft and design.

Students are aware of their “Working At” levels and targets and students are given every opportunity to reflect upon their artwork and progress.

The work of the students is displayed inside and outside of the department and also in the local community. The work is also celebrated through the awarding of credits, honour marks, Head Teacher’s Commendations and annual awards’ events.


In year 10 students study GCSE Art for two hours a week. In year 11 students study for three hours. 

Course Title Course structure
OCR Fine Art 60% Coursework
Drawing and Painting 40% Examination

Following the guidelines set down by OCR, students are encouraged to take creative risks, work independently, work from primary resources and stimulus, experiment with a wide range of media, processes and techniques as well as study a diverse range of traditional and contemporary art, craft and design.

Students are aware of their ‘Working At’ and target grades and are given every opportunity to make progress, reflect upon their artwork and refine their outcomes


Course title Edxcel BTEC Level 3

In year 12 students complete the Level 3 Certificate in Art and Design

In year 13 students complete the Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Art and Design
Both courses are 100% coursework and are internally assessed and externally verified. This 2 year course is equivalent to one A’ Level.

In year one students are introduced to a wide range of creative and work related activities to develop their practical and conceptual skills. Students are encouraged to develop their independent learning skills and through various practical projects they investigate ideas, materials, processes historical and theoretical contexts and technologies.
In the second year students study a specialist area from one of the following endorsed routes

  1. 3D Design
  2. Fine Art
  3. Design Crafts


Assessment in Art and Design


Assessment enables learners, your child to achieve his/her best. It also helps him/her to understand how they can refine or make improvements to their work


Your child’s work will be levelled based on the National Curriculum Level descriptions (click here for more information. Your child has a copy of this, in ‘pupil speak’). Work will be assessed by their teacher, their peers and themselves.


Formally, every half term and at the end of a project or homework task. In all lessons pupils are given constant feedback and they are set challenges and targets.


In KS3 your child will be assessed on the following:


Their ability to visually describe what they have observed, experienced and imagined. Their ability to record ideas.

Looking at Artwork

Their ability to respond critically to the work of other Artists. Their ability to discuss and present their own work

Use of Materials

Their ability to creatively use a range of materials, techniques and processes. Their ability to take risks



Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. It expects all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment. If you have any concerns that a child has been harmed, is at risk of harm, or you receive a disclosure, please contact our designated safeguarding lead Mrs. V. Deer (Deputy Head)

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