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Catch–Up Premium

Literacy and Numeracy Catch –Up Premium


Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Premium 2016-17


Literacy Catch Up

64 students have been identified from their KS2 reading SATS paper to not at expected standard in reading. These 64 students have been identified as our ‘catch up cohort’, 27 of this cohort are in receipt of the pupil premium grant.

Literacy Catch – Up Strategy

  1. High quality teaching and learning and staff CPD to ensure that work is suitably differentiated to support the development of reading across the curriculum
  2. Drop everything and Read – Twenty minutes per week on a rolling schedule for all students in Key Stage 3
  3. High quality reading therapy delivered through our literacy teaching assistant
  4. 0.5% reading challenge to boost the support from parents/carers to raise reading ages of the cohort. This is a challenge launched to parents on the 21st September 2016. The 0.5% challenge refers to parents/carers committing to hearing their child read three times per week for twenty minutes. Students are monitored through a reading buddy (Year 12 and 13 students).
  5. Reading for pleasure drive through the use of outside inspirational authors. Authors this year include Bali Rai and Marcus Alexander
  6. Summer School focused on literacy and numeracy skills to prepare students for Year 7
  7. Literacy Bootcamp to develop de-coding skills amongst our catch up cohort
  8. EAL Bootcamp for new arrivals into the school for whom English is a second or third language

Impact  by April 2017

We are measuring whether a student has ‘caught up’ through their reading age. A student who has caught up will have a reading age which is either at or exceeds their chronological age.

Numeracy Catch- Up

54 students have been identified from their KS2 SATS as not at expected standard. These 54 students have been identified as our ‘catch up cohort’, 21 of this cohort are in receipt on the pupil premium grant

 Numeracy Catch- Up Strategy

  1. Quality First Teaching on number skills based on therapy to target areas of weaknesses as shown in our baseline assessment for all Year 7 (September 2016)
  2. Delivery of high quality number work therapy for key students in the catch-up cohort. This therapy is planned by our Numeracy coordinator and delivered by our numeracy teaching assistant
  3. Maths ‘boot camp’ held throughout the year to provide intensive one day therapy for catch up students delivered by the Lead Teacher for maths

Impact by April 2017

We are measuring whether a student has ‘caught up’ through the re-testing of number skills. A student who has a raw mark which equals or exceeds a student’s score who was judged ‘at standard’ in the KS2 SATS has effectively ‘caught up’.

All students who have been part of the catch up cohort and have successful ‘caught up’ have taken part in a rewards trip to rebound bounce!

Summary of spend and impact 2015-16

In 2015-16 £9,500 was itemised to support in the delivery of students below level 4 in reading and numeracy to catch up to their peers.

Literacy Catch-Up

The premium has been utilised to support interventions outside of the curriculum to enable students to develop their reading skills. This has been utilised to support both extension of students’ vocabulary as well as comprehension skills.

The main part of the premium has been spent on the development of the accelerated reader programme for key identified students in Year 7. Additional funds have been utilised to support the continued professional development of the literacy teaching assistant who has been responsible for the delivery of intervention work with small groups of students.

Funding has also been used to develop quality first teaching across the school with a particular focus on planning and differentiating for reading ages including CPD sessions on support and challenge for students who have been identified as emerging readers.

Numeracy Catch –Up

The premium has been utilised to support the delivery of intervention groups delivered by the numeracy teaching assistant. This has included the purchasing or rising stars schemes of work and resources to ensure that students have a secure numeracy base and have grown in confidence in the numeracy work.



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